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Satisfied Owners. Happy Puppies.

Testimonials: Testimonials

Julie is the Mary Poppins of dog training. With her firm, fair, and fun approach she put our puppy on the path to success.  Her communication with myself and my partner was fantastic - we received text updates and a wonderful Puppy Guide at the end of training. Now we're borderline arrogant at our puppy play dates! People CANNOT BELIEVE how well behaved our boy Henson is - the comments are many and often! Henson is a gentle, loving, sweet boy and I'm sure that without Nanny Julie this would have been a much tougher process. A+++


I cannot say enough nice things about Julie! She spent six weeks with our new puppy, Stella! Julie has answered every single one of my questions not only about the breed, but about Stella and what to expect with her behavior.  Stella has been home almost a week and she is a dream. She knows all of her puppy basics, is almost all the way housebroken, and is sweet as can be.  Julie has made sure that she fits right into our family and our routine. If and when we ever get another dog, we will be sending them to Julie without hesitation! Thank you Julie (and your family) for Stella!


I highly recommend Julie as a puppy trainer! Julie is warm and nurturing and provided me with pictures and videos and was always willing to answer even my craziest questions after we brought our puppy home. As for training, when our puppy arrived she was crate trained, mostly potty trained...she still has a puppy-size bladder :), walked well on the leash, and followed basic commands. Our puppy also had the opportunity to be socialized with other dogs and children.  Everyone who has come to visit (or sees us walking) will comment, "She's such a good puppy!" I give all the credit to Julie! Lastly, Julie provides you so much along the way but also gives you detailed information when you receive the puppy. She was very thorough and made the transition to my home a smooth one.  Thank you Julie!!! I feel like you are a forever friend ;)!!

Winnie Mae

Julie has been outstanding with our pup Boomer! Boomer had been at boot camp for about 2 months but Julie would update us multiple times a day, every single day, about Boomer's achievements and how he was getting along with the other pups.  We received pictures and videos every day! We were really lucky to have Boomer spend his time with Julie and her family. Due to his training at Julie's he is incredibly well behaved and socialized.  Boomer's transition home was so smooth because Julie spent a lot of time explaining how to make this process easier for everyone involved. Julie wrote a very detailed letter home including everything we had to know about Boomer's routine and life at the puppy boot camp. We are really thankful to have had the opportunity to have a pup trained by Julie.  We highly recommend sending your pups to Julie. Thank you for all the work you have done with Boomer.


Julie and Melanie are absolutely fabulous. Our Stella has come home to us so well socialized and confident. Ms. Melanie has taught Stella so many commands and Stella is doing incredibly well adjusting to her new home and environment. We cannot thank these two ladies enough for their time, patience and incredible knowledge. I would highly recommend Good Start if you are looking for a "good start" to training for a puppy or any dog!! ~Alyssa K.


Highly recommend Nanny Julie! She's great. A talented and gifted trainer for the new puppy! Julie made fantastic progress with Madison (Maddie)... Sent out extremely frequent updates and reports. Great pictures and videos of Maddie's progress. A real joy and professional to work with. Thank you!


Our FCF pup, Baci, has been with Sam for almost 5 weeks. To say she is amazing would be an understatement. She posts videos and pictures on FB so we can follow. She answers all of the crazy questions we have - most almost immediately. She has been providing us with updates and resources so we can have a smooth transition home. She is making the stressful process of bringing in a new puppy to a already busy household one that we feel we can manage  all thanks to her. She is a tremendous asset to Good Start. We are so thankful we were paired up with her. I can't thank her or you enough We can't wait to meet Baci!


I wanted to shoot you a quick note to say how happy I am with all the work Kelly put in to her puppy training. She is a happy, well adjusted puppy and I wouldn't have been able to handle the early stages of puppy ownership without Kelly. Lucy is potty trained and does so well in her crate. I'm able to do conference calls at my house and she sits quietly and naps in her crate while I work. This alone was worth the money/training! Thanks again to Kelly for making Lucy such a wonderful puppy to bring home. We couldn't be happier!


Ruby is doing amazing and we are in love! She has been wonderful with the kids - barely any jumping or nipping. She cuddles with all of us and let's us play with her. She is eating and going potty on a schedule and she slept through the night (!!!) from 10-5:15. Thank you for everything! (Melanie was Ruby's trainer)


I just thought I'd touch base to let you know how very pleased I am thus far with Kate and the "board and train" process. 

She is great about keeping me up-to-date with pictures, videos and texts. She is super responsive anytime I have a question or comment.  It's obvious she's taking great care with my girl and I'm impressed with how Ivy is responding to the training already - and it's only been just under two weeks!

It's quite obvious how much Kate loves dogs and her "good energy" comes through in every interaction.


On Saturday, we traveled to PA to pick up our puppy Brooke from Samantha. A very happy (and rainy) day for us. Sam kept us up to date during the 4 weeks of training wiht texts and pictures. Not only Tom and I enjoyed them, but our friends asked to see all the pictures too. This pup has a list of people waiting to meet her.
Sam gave a good 15 min. briefing when we arrived to pick up Brooke. We could tell that Brooke was happy where she was. And she is minding her manners. She didn't jump up, sat for us to meet her, and behaved beautifully. Yes, Sam had done a great job of training and also tiring her out that morning for her long ride home. Brooke was perfect ton the ride home. When we stopped for breaks, Brooke took a potty break too.  Even with new people, in a strange car going who knows where, she responded to "Go Potty".  There have been no accidents, so far. She goes to her crate willingly, ate all her food this morning, did great on a short walk this morning. This afternoon she rode in a car to a pet store, rode in the cart through the store and seemed fascinated with the noisy birds.  All of this is Sam's great training. The Good Start bag was full with treats, leashes, clickers, etc. I can't say enough positive things about Sam and the training that Brooke recieved.


We recently adopted our sweet Paisley from Fox Creek Farm Goldendoodles. They recommended Prep Your Pup for training. I spoke with Julie early on and she was great to answer questions and prepare us for training. Kate was our trainer where Paisley stayed for 8 weeks. Communication was wonderful! Paisley came home Friday - well socialized, knowing so many commands and just precious and confident! Kate gave Paisley such a good start! Detailed email came prior to Paisley coming home, so that we can follow Kate's lead and stay consistent! We could not be more grateful! Paisley is adjusting wonderfully. Big brother, Archie, loves her and the human family simply adores her! So cute and so smart! Thank you!!!

Paisley and Family

Our family is so happy to have chosen Prep Your Pup Training for our new puppy, Sunny. Their service before, during and after training has been absolutely exceptional. Even before we chose to enroll our puppy, Julie was very kind and answered all of our questions over the phone.
Our specific trainer, Samantha (Sam), has been an absolute joy to work with. She provided an incredibly loving home for sunny during training and did an excellent job socializing our naturally shy puppy while also teaching her a variety of useful commands and - perhaps my favorite "trick" - Sunny loves her crate and sleeps through the night.
Sam was also kind enough to let us visit Sunny halfway through her 6 weeks in training so our kids could meet the puppy. 
During training, Sam provided us with detailed communication on Sunny's progress and continues to be immensely helpful with answering all of my questions regarding Sunny's transition to our family and keeping up her good habits. Plus, Sam gave us a whole bag of wonderful transitional items for Sunny (treats that she'd been using, a few favorite toys, blanket - plus a harness, leash and potty bells)
I would highly recommend Prep Your Pup to anyone that is considering their services!!!

Sunny and Family

I wanted to give you some feedback regarding our puppy’s (Bailey) training with Samantha.  Sam had Bailey for 2 weeks.  I admit I was somewhat skeptical about the value of a 2 week course, but the results have been remarkable.  Bailey is great with come, sit, down, and off.  Her potty training is outstanding;  she only had 2 accidents very early on with us and now seems to totally understand potty training.  She routinely goes to the “potty door” and rings the bells when she needs to go outside!  My wife and I are very impressed with her training with Sam.  You have made a convert of us both.  I think Sam deserves high marks for her work with Bailey.


I just want to tell you how amazing Selena was-and continues to be- to work with.  She was so responsive, excellent with photos and videos throughout the two weeks Peach was with her (so fun!), and has been right there whenever I text with any kind of question.  On top of all of that. Peach arrived already knowing her basic commands and with a schedule that was easy to implement.  All of it was so much more than I expected.  She’s such a great trainer, but also a wonderful person.

Currently, Peach is enrolled in a foundations class.  She’s the youngest by far in the group of 5 dogs, mostly rescues.  I am blown away by how quickly she is picking things up, but I know it’s because she began this class already knowing the behaviors (sit, come, touch-although they use “here”, place).  She’s the star of every class and LOVES to learn. I still plan on training her for therapy work, but now I can really see the heart of this dog.  She’s going to be amazing.

I can’t thank you enough for getting us started on the right foot for this big journey we have ahead of us…Life with Peach. From flying her to Boston, to Selena driving her to her forever home and every little detail in between we are forever grateful.

Peach and Family

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